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Forum will be locked during the new launch of HairSite, no new posts allowed


Dear All

The entire forum will be locked in preparation for the new launch of HairSite. No new posts will be allowed.

It will only be temporary, sorry for any inconvenience caused.


So is the forum work finished now?


Home page and the rest of the site layout are all done. We are working on the forum now.

You can continue to post in this forum for the time being.

Thanks for your patience.


Something like a phpBB layout?


[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by Jacob[/postedby]
Something like a phpBB layout?[/quote]

Do you prefer a phpBB layout?

In any case, the new platform will be mobile responsive when it is ready.


I do since most others I visit are phpBB…but maybe what you have planned is similar.