Font size too small for the forum?

Please report here if font size is too small for the forum. We are making some changes and font size in certain browsers or screen size maybe affected .

Report any problem with font size here so that we can make the necessary adjustment.

Thank you.

Yes, I agree HairSite, the font size is too small. Could it be made bigger? It would also be good if Subject lines of threads on the forum view page were in bold.

@roger_that Thanks for letting me know.

Does font size look small on your desktop browser or on your phone? If it looks small on your desktop browser, please let me know what browser are you using, chrome, firefox, Internet Explorer?

We will get this fixed, meanwhile please use your browser’s view or zoom settings to increase font size.

Also, please update the email address in your account. The existing email address in your account is invalid and you are not getting notificiations when your username is mentioned in the forum.

I am moving this to the ADMIN category.


@HairSite font size is perfect for my chrome browser, don’t do anything that affects chrome :slight_smile: love the new forum, it’s about time.

Hi HairSite,

The font size looks small on my destop or laptop, not on my phone. I mainly use the Chrome Browser.

In general, I don’t think the new forum format is going to work. I think at least for the HM part, the old thread format was much better, and it was what attracted people to HairSite’s forum rather than other forums.

Now, navigating to the HM format from the main site is confusing and, in fact, it doesn’t work. Visitors are still routed through the old forum, instead of the old navigation pathway routing users directly to the new forum.

Also, to facilitate a good conversation, I think users need to see all the discussions in thread form FIRST. Thread format should be the first default for everyone.

And, in the new format, all of the subject areas are merged into one big forum, and it’s up to the user to separate them. This is not conducive to maintaining separate issue sections that are specialized to individual users’ needs. Many people come here just to view or comment on one particular area, like HM or HT. Now, the default presentation is to have all of these areas merged when a person lands on the forum. I don’t think this is good, and I think you’re going to see a big decline in participation.

Thanks for your attention and help…


@roger_that Thanks for the feedback.

We will tweak the font size a bit and let you know when it is done. For the time being, please use Chrome browser ZOOM settings to increase the font size when viewing the forum.

With respect to the routing of the links, if you are referring to this page here Hair Multiplication | please note that all the links have now been updated to route to the new platform.

We will look into adding THREADED view for this new platform, we believe it is possible, will research properly about the logistics and see if this can be included in the next update.

Note that the old platform had served us well for almost a decade. However, it was built on old technology and can no longer keep up with the demands in today’s environment. We really have no choice but to move forward.

Thank you.