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Follicum files patent application for new topical


"Follicum files patent application for new topical formulation of FOL-005 for hair loss.

Using easy-to-apply cream instead of direct scalp injection would extend patent protection by 8 years"



I could not figure out what this compound targets?


It sounds like they are more excited that they come up with a cream vehicle than how effective the drug is for hair loss.

Very vague what kind of drug or compound it is, from their website

" Our drug candidate, FOL-005, is based on research on the human protein ostepontin. FOL-005 is a shorter sequence of the protein – a peptide. The sequence has been slightly modified but is still based on natural amino acids.

Follicum has, in collaboration with international R & D partners evaluated FOL-005 in different models for regulation of hair growth – both in-vitro and on humans. Our development process is briefly described below:"


Wonder what Dr. Christiano thinks of this, since this class of drugs is her current line of research.