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Follicabio news. With pics


Hi friends. Saw it at hairlosscure2020

Follica News (small Molecule Amplify New Hair Growth) 100 new hairs :

Follica findings a Small molecule shown to amplify new hair growth during healing.
Short-term use, systemically safe options identified Near-term clinical development of a “game changing” platformFuture pipeline to further amplify effect

here PAGE 31 : http://puretechhealth.com/images/investors/PureTech-Health-ARA-2018_optimized-for-printing.pdf


Follica just can’t stop finding amplifiers. And they have been doing this for over a decade.
I don’t know. I wonder if those newly formed follicles in the picture are on human or mice skin?


Follica has the worst prospects of all of the highly-publicized hair regeneration companies. They are basically a big fat nothing burger … vaporware. But people’s interest in the company just won’t die for some reason.