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Find out difference : medical needle - SMP needle - tattoo needle


Difference between a regular medical needle, tattoo needle and an SMP dedicated needle

Although most of us know a needle from the dr. office (left 30 G), SMP needles coming from Beauty Medical Tricopigmentation (middle) are quite different in shape and siz and even far more different are most commonly used tattoo needles (right)

Medical needles are used to insert and transfer liquid medications into someone skin. Therefore the interior of a needle is hollow and the point is angled accordingly.

Tattoo needles come in various sizes and shapes, but most used is the 5 point needle as seen on the right. The needle is penetrated deeper into the skin (1-2 mm), as opposed to scalp micro hair pigmentation just 0.5 mm.
It is clear to see that the SMP needle (middle)produced for exclusive usage by Beauty Medical trained institutes, like Prohairclinic, are quite different from standard needles.

SMP needles need to be small, as real hairs are extremely small as well. Using what are most likely the smallest SMP needles in the market, we can create an extremely small pigment ‘hair dot’ that is as close as gets to real hair.
The other interesting development is that the tip of the SMP needle is not smooth, but slightly abraded. This new development in SMP needles gives the pigments more ‘grip’ on the skin, creating a perfect ‘hair’ pigment at the right depth.

Left : 30 G medical needle
Middle: Dedicated Scalp micro hair pigmentation needle (propriety Beautymedical Italy)
Right : widely used 5 pin tattoo needle