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Finally, a scientific way to determine if you are a good candidate for FUE hair transplant

Finally, a scientific way to determine if you are a good candidate for FUE hair transplant when it comes to ease in donor extraction, transection rate and yield expectation.

Up till now, hair transplant doctors tend to believe that patients with African hair types are categorically challenging for FUE procedures. This is mainly predicated on the notion that curly hair makes it extremely difficult for the doctor to extract a pristine follicle during the harvesting process without inflicting transection or damage to the donor. This “hypothesis” or patient screening protocol has denied many from proceeding with a FUE hair transplant unnecessary.

All this will now change thanks to Dr. Sanusi Umar’s revolutionary FUE scale for donor harvsting: SFS or Sanusi FUE Scoring (SFS) Scale.

SFS is a scientific scoring or grading protcol that allows the doctor to know in advance with reasonable certainty the level of difficulty he or she may encounter in the FUE donor extraction process.

According to Dr. Umar, the notion that having curly hair will always result in high donor transection rate and thus render the patient an unsuitable candidate for FUE is unfounded. As a matter of fact, Dr. Umar discovered that FUE can be just as easy to perform in many curly-haired patients as in patients with straight hair. Conversely, Dr. Umar has found that FUE donor extraction in patients with straight hair can also be met with challenges and difficulties that many believe are unique to patients with curly hair only.

Dr. Umar’s SFS scale adopts a cross sectional analysis of a patient’s hair type as well as his skin attributes to come up with an objective measure that can ascertain scientifically the level of difficulty in FUE extraction for that particular patient.

Below is a video and more details on this breakthrough in FUE procedures.


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@HairSite is this something that I can evaluate myself at home or do I need to have an in person consultation at the doctor’s clinic to find out?

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