Fighting these Battles

This is just something i thought i should share. Hair loss has been a battle that i and all of you have been fighting. I’ve been battling it ever since i was 19. It grew and grew on me to a point that it’s all i ever thought about was my hair loss and why did God allow this to happen to me. Because of it, i would always turn my back away from God. I’n 2003, i started a drug called avodart. It gave me the best head of hair i had ever had. My confidence was through the roof, had girls hollering at me, flirting with me like crazy. Then found out it was causing me serious skin side effects. I knew that i was going to have to get off it. It turned my world up side down knowing i found the Holy Grail to my hair loss problem, knowing it all was going to be taken away from me. I’d blame God and say how could this happen to me. I went through this big spiritual battle.I lost the girl of my dreams as well, as i pretty much just stopped talking to her and avoided her knowing that my looks were going to fade because my hair loss was going to start again. My skin side effects were not going away. I was terrified. I got extremely depressed and had suicidal thoughts pretty often. Then i thought, i think God is teaching me a lessen by putting me in the most difficult time in my life. You see, i always put my hair loss and my looks above God and everything else. So i think he was wanting me to forget about my hair loss, just let it go!! I began praying very deeply, watching sermans on TV, reading the Bible. I finally understood why he allowed all this to come crashing in on me. Knowing that i was putting all this above him, he knew that i needed a wake up call. I believe he will take away anything that me or anyone else puts above him. Now that its over, i believe it’s brought me closer to God, i’m way more happier now and am glad that it happened this way. I don’t put my hair loss first anymore. I’m currently just using Rogaine Foam and it’s done a great job for me. But like i said i’m way more happier now. My skin side effects have gone away, i still get winks from girls. I believe it was all a big test.

In short, i hope some of you others can relate to this and try to put God first in your life, and if you do, you will be much better off in the long run.