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Fibrin/blood clots in donor area after FUHT


Some words of advise for the post operative patient.

We advise our patients to start washing their scalp from the very next day after their procedure.
Care must be taken not to rub the recipient area.
However, the patient can start gentle rubbing of the donor area next day onwards. This washing and gentle rubbing of the suture area will help the blood clots to dislodge from its place. The blood clots are hard organized fibrin lumps.
When the patient tries to sleep, these clots press on the suture line and cause pain, tenderness and discomfort.

The pictures of a patient who visited us recently illustrate the point.

He had got a strip FUHT procedure done 4 days ago. Entire procedure consisted of 4180 FUHT grafts and 10 facial hair grafts.

The picture shows the strip area before the clots have been dislodged.

The following picture depicts the suture line with the fibrin/blood clots dislodged.

I hope this information helps all prospective patients.


The first video below shows the side from where the fibrin clots have dislodged.

The second video shows where the clots have not dislodged in certain areas.