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Farscalpe at the seminar


Farscalpe is the nickname of a forum poster from N. America.

He had undergone a 5900 + FUSE graft procedure in Dec 2006.
He visited us for further transplants in Nov 2007 and was kind enough to be a part of the seminar.
He is a Norwood 6 and keeps his hair buzz cut.
People quizzed him and examined his donor and recipient areas minutely to look for any visible scarring.

Of the 5900 grafts, only approx. 1900 grafts were from the scalp donor areas. The rest were from the different body donor areas (chest, abdomen, lower limbs etc.).

You may view excerpts of the videorecording featuring Farscalpe at the HT seminar on 1 Nov 2007.
His face has been blurred in the video at his request.



Cool. Strange this got no replies. Thats body hair mostly and damn impressive. Thanks for putting the video. When are you going to put the complete seminar video?