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Famous toupee thread is back




It’s sad how awful most of those systems look, imo.
The HTs win out hands down, imo.


I am completely dumbfounded as to how these in the public eye, extremely wealthy people actually dont have the money to repair their vision or at least purchase a mirror!!!

I mean with all the technology out there for HT’s WHY???

And if you are to wear a piece which is your personal choice (and in some cases maybe the only choice), why not a good one like John Travoltas, or even Jeremy Piven.

If not form a few very strategic, pics as of lately, John Travolta’s piece is great, and so is Jeremy Pivens…

For years I didnt realize anything…It seems like Mr. Travolta is slipping much more now, or maybe he just doesnt care, who knows.

But those others?






I wonder who did this one for him, it looks believable.


I agree

Looks fantastic…

Wonder what something of that level of quality would cost?



I don’t think the best looking ones necessarily have to cost a ton more than average.

But a lot of the success is in the handling of it all. Matching the piece to the guy’s existing hair, cutting them both to blend right, applying it well, keeping it clean, etc. A very high quality 'piece will still look like crap if any of those factors are off.


I agree it looks great in that pic and I like that hairstyle on him but…

What would it look like in person face-to-face?
Would the lace show?
What about swimming, showering, wind, etc.?

Just sayin’.


» I wonder who did this one for him, it looks believable.

is it toupee? i have read some articles and thought all the time that Elton has he’s own hair now.