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Famous singer Rohit Chauhan Beard-to-Beard Hair Transplant - Dr. A\'s Clinic


The famous singer-performer Rohit Chauhan (his website is http://www.rohitchauhan.com/Home.aspx) underwent a beard to beard hair transplant at Dr. A’s Clinic.

Grafts Details

A total of 355 grafts were transplanted to create sideburns on 9th May 2012 .

Pre operative pictures

Donor area picture

Donor area after extraction picture

Recipient area picture with recipient slits made

Recipient area pictures after graft placement


Recipient area picture

donor area picture


Rohit Chauhan hair transplant testimonial


Besides a facial (sideburns) hair restoration procedure at Dr. A’s clinic, Rohit Chauhan also had a strip FUHT procedure, 3000 grafts. Below is a video of or Rohit Chauhan’s 3000+ grafts result during an open house at Dr. A’s hair clinic in India where the performer singer shared his results with others.