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Extreme Shedding/Thinning After Discontinuing Zyrtec (Cetirizine)


So, I stopped taking Zyrtec, because I want to be more natural, and I believe it was causing me to be excessively lethargic, as I was always tired.

Once I stopped taking it, I found I had way more energy, however, I have notice that my hair has been RAPIDLY thinning since then. I’ve had 2 hair transplants, but I’ve never seen so much difference so fast. It’s so extreme that my girlfriend who’s always denied seeing any change in the past now can no longer deny it.

I’m posting here because a few years ago there were posts related to topical Cetirizine. I don’t want to start taking the pills again, because I believe they’re harmful and cause lack of focus and energy. Topical or anything else is an option, because this is just crazy how much my cosmetic situation has changed in the past month.


Sorry, can anyone say if anyone’s still using Zyrtec for hairloss? Especially topically? Or does anyone advise an alt therapy for someone who appears to be impacted heavily by Zyrec?

I’ve been hoping the shed was temporary, but it doesn’t appear to be.