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Exosomes in Los Angeles for hair loss

Exosome Hair Regrowth Therapy - Los Angeles, CA
At Alvi Armani we are always actively working to optimize treatments for our patients. For years Dr. Baubac and our in-house research staff have developed solutions to combat hair loss such as topical finasteride and dutasteride, and have refined PRP treatments that have helped our patients maintain existing hair and stimulate new hair growth as well as combining PRP with our FUE hair transplant procedures for optimum results.

Alvi Armani Medical Director, Dr. Baubac, has begun an exciting NEW hair growth therapy using Exosomes.

Check out Dr. Baubac speaking about exosomes:

Hello – are there before/after photos of what the results look like? I mean photos where the patients have not had any HT at all, so we can see a baseline.

This sounds exciting, this is not a trial, your clinic is actually offering this treatment?

Is this something that can be done in 1 visit or multiple visits required?

For example initial visit to extract cells, then wait for the culture to multiply and then come back a 2nd time for the injection.

Will this work for women with diffuse thinning? Cost?

Here is what I think of Exosomes.

On the Alvi Armani website, there is one set of “before and after” photos of a patient treated with Exosomes. The truth is, that there is almost no difference at all in the two pictures!

The only differences appear to be that in the “after” photo, the hair is a little bit darker. You can see that in the first photo, the patient had some gray hair. In the second photo, he appears to have died his hair dark brown or black, eliminating the gray. So it looks as if some of the bald areas grew some hair because of the color change. But if you really look carefully, there is no real difference in the size of the bald areas between the “before” and “after” photos.

I think what they are doing with Exosomes is this: They realize that stem cells are highly regulated, very much restricted by the FDA, and that it’s expensive and time consuming to get permission to use real stem cells. Plus, stem cells are not yet approved for use in hair treatments because they are still experimental, and several applications may be currently under study (such as Stemson Therapeutics), but none has been approved yet.

So they are using these exosomes, which are really cell fragments (portions of cells without a nucleus), to get around the restrictions on stem cell use in hair loss treatments. Exosomes are just fragments so they are not cells, and have no genetic material. Therefore it is easy for Alvi Armani (and maybe others) to use them. There is no time-consuming and expensive research and clinical trials process. No overhead for these hair transplant doctors. They can just isolate the exosomes and go.

NOW, the question is “Do exosomes really work?” And my answer is “Probably not”. There is no evidence that they work. This is all just speculation. It’s not speculation based on nothing, but it’s speculation based on very, very little.

They are speculating because they think that fragments of certain cells (possibly some stem cells and other cells) might contain some of the products of stem cells, like growth factors. And they are speculating that, even though these exosomes might have small amounts of these growth factors, those small amounts will be enough to grow hair for patients.

BUT just because they speculate this, and show a few pictures (which really aren’t great - in fact like I said if you look closely, they show no real difference) then that does not mean that hair will actually grow.

This kind of speculation is not reality, though. It’s just marketing to sell a treatment.

That’s my opinion about Exosomes.

Look, I agree, Exosomes is a new treatment, however many of the top doctors in the field have been researching and working with them.

Here are two videos of Dr. Daniel McGrath talking about exosomes and discussing his hair transplant and exosome treatment experience that he had with Dr. Baubac:

Dr. Mcgrath talks about his hair transplant with Dr. Bauabc with Exosomes:

@Pats205 Thanks. But this video shows a case history of a doctor who received a hair transplant PLUS exosomes.

In order to establish any credibility about the effectiveness of Exosomes, we need to see case histories and photos of people WHO HAVE NOT HAD ANY HAIR TRANSPLANTS.

The only way we can establish a credible baseline for this treatment is by seeing the results where there was no hair transplant in the first place, before or after. Because if there was a hair transplant done in addition to using Exosomes, it will always be disputable what part of the improvement came from the HT and what part came from the Exosomes.

There was a similar problem with PRP. Doctors touted PRP as some kind of stand-alone treatment that could be used in conjunction with a HT, or independent of a HT. Doctors sold it to patients that way, but the “evidence” they showed, at least in male patients, was always somehow linked to the patient having hair transplants plus PRP, and they never proved what part of any improvement came solely from the PRP.

So, for Dr. Armani or any of these doctors touting Exosomes to have any credibility whatsoever, they need to show us pictures of multiple cases where the patient has not had any hair transplants, but ONLY EXOSOMES TREATMENT, to prove what the baseline efficacy of Exosomes is, as a stand alone treatment.

Look Roger_that - you can argue all you want, you didn’t like the result up on our website that was just exosomes, you tore that apart, you don’t like the Dr. Mcgrath result, you had a reason to tear that apart too. I get you… You will most likely find a reason to rip apart any result posted at this time for one reason or another. That’s your right. If you do not want to have exosome therapy then don’t have exosome therapy :slight_smile:

Dr. Mcgrath clearly explained in his videos that he had no hair transplanted grafts placed in his mid scalp or crown where the exosomes were injected. He only had grafts placed in his hairline.

He clearly explains where the grafts were placed and were not placed and that exsomes were for the mid scalp and crown where he did not have grafts placed in the two videos below at the time stamps

It is a promising treatment that many of the prominent doctors in this field are studying, researching and offering.

I am not going to argue with you any further, If you are dead set against it, then don’t have an exosome treatment. :sunglasses: Problem solved and enjoy the rest of your day.

Best of luck to you!

@Pats205 - I am not trying to tear everything down, or tear anybody down. I’m just pointing out some things.

With Dr McGrath’s results, yes, I realise he only had hair transplants in the front at the hairline. BUT, he is combing that hair - from the hair transplant - backward over the top of his scalp. So, how can we possibly see if the Exosomes helped, when he’s combed a lot of hair from the HT, right over the area where the Exososmes were injected?

Also the same applies to the photo on the website. There is a lot of hair combed over the area. So how can we see if Exosomes really helped?

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It’s great to see about hair loss treatment as in the form of hair restoration surgery is very essential of permanent solution …

Hi Pats:

Is Dr. Baubac currently offering exosome treatment? Can you give me an idea of the cost? Thanks.

I agree with you roger,show us some credible proof.

Yes it is being offered now in our Beverly Hills Clinic. It is done in one visit.

Need more after pics

I think this is interesting and I am grateful that attention has been drawn to it - but yes roger_that, your summation appears to be reasonable to me :+1:

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