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Eugenix Hair Sciences | NW6 | Make Baldness A History

Total grafts - 7014
Scalp - 4264
Beard - 2750

Yes, at Eugenix you can imagine long hair even after developing baldness. Ajay Shrivastav at the age of 50 felt like he is reliving his youth. Keeping long hair and a ponytail was his long dream. But soon he faced the issue of baldness. He then trusted Eugenix for his transformation.

A total of 7014 grafts were required to deal with his case. Out of these grafts, 2750 grafts were extracted from his beard and the rest from his scalp. Now, you can see how he is flaunting his long hair and how boastfully he kept his long ponytail. He is very much satisfied and received beyond his expectations.

(151) Does Hair Transplant Really Change Life? - YouTube


That’s awesome I have never seen a person having history of Baldness, and it’s recovered his hair of heads bead …

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Thank You.

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Welcome dear…

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@EugenixIndia I am impressed, very rarely do we get to see good results like this one from India.

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Thank You for your kind words.

this looks really really good !

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Top notch :+1:

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@EugenixIndia how much does it cost per fue graft?

Hello, there are different packages available.

  1. Comprehensive Package - 75INR/graft
  2. Exclusive Package - 120INR/graft
  3. Premium Package with Dr Priyadarshini Das - 210INR/graft
  4. Super Premium Package with Dr Arika Bansal/Founding Surgeon - 350INR/graft
  5. Dr. Pradeep Sethi’s Flagship Package - Based on the complexity of the case and Dr Sethi’s availability.

All the packages include 18% GST (Tax) and includes add-ons value benefits like accommodations and pick-drop facilities.

You can send us a personalized message on +919717444045 to know more.

Warm Regards,
Eugenix Hair Sciences

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