Eugenix hair sciences | nw3 | results at 6.5 months | dr. arika bansal

Total Grafts - 3211
All Scalp
6.5 Months Results

Norwood grade 3 baldness must be addressed on time. Girish approached us to deal with the same. A total of 3211 grafts were enough to transform him.

Now see his amazing transformation in just 6.5 months. The results are evidently expected to become better in the coming months. However, results are subject to the patient’s scalp. Thus, they may vary. It is advisable to have realistic expectations for full result which is 10-12 months’ timeline. Happy transformation!



Sounds very good to see the results being amazing looking 100% natural results …

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@EugenixIndia I am impressed, how much does your clinic charge for FUE graft?

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Hello, there are different packages available.

  1. Comprehensive Package - 75INR/graft
  2. Exclusive Package - 120INR/graft
  3. Premium Package with Dr Priyadarshini Das - 210INR/graft
  4. Super Premium Package with Dr Arika Bansal/Founding Surgeon - 350INR/graft
  5. Dr. Pradeep Sethi’s Flagship Package - Based on the complexity of the case and Dr Sethi’s availability.

All the packages include 18% GST (Tax) and includes add-ons value benefits like accommodations and pick-drop facilities.

You can send us a personalized message on +919717444045 to know more.

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