Eugenix hair sceinces | grade 4a | 16 months result

Total Grafts: 2700
Scalp: 2700

Varun Kumar discovered Eugenix Hair Sciences after conducting some research, and he is pleased to report that his experience with Eugnix has been fantastic.

He was pleased by Eugenix’s reputation and approach to hair restoration after viewing many hair transplant result films on their YouTube channel. He scheduled a meeting with us, and a month or so later, on January 20, 2022, he underwent the treatment.

He had a Norwood Hamilton Scale of baldness of 4A, and the doctor recommended 2700 grafts to attain the desired outcomes. His scalp donor provided all of the grafts. The surgeon took considerable care to ensure that the donor area was not overharvested and that the transplanted hair looked natural. He is pleased with the outcome of the hair transplant after 16 months. He is currently on finasteride to retain and sustain both his existing and transplanted hair.

He would recommend Eugenix to anyone looking for hair transplants. He found the doctors and staff to be competent, kind, and committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for their patients.

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I would must say that the results of hair loss treatment after 16 months looks awesome …

@mania Thank you