Eugenix hair sceinces | grade 3a | 9 months result

Total Grafts: 2307
All Scalp

Area covered - Front

After a hair transplant with Eugenix Hair Sciences, Aslam’s natural results astound everyone.

The frontal zone was in bad shape when Aslam came in for a hair loss consultation. He was already in grade 3A on the Norwood Hamilton Scale of baldness. Thus, it was advised that he have a hair transplant treatment to restore his frontal zone and recreate his hairline following a full information exchange with the doctors and a proper examination. His donor was dense, and his hair quality was good. On August 10, 2022, he went in for a transplantation procedure and received 2307 grafts. All these grafts were extracted from his scalp. Post-procedure, he started taking finasteride at 1 mg every day in order to preserve and sustain his preexisting and transplanted hair. Now that he has completed nine months after the procedure, he is stunned by the natural look and the density of the growth. Needless to say, he is overjoyed with his results.


Wow! it is exceptional results in the 9 months …

@mania Thank you