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Eugenix / 5604 grafts/Post-op 7 months

Dr S D, one of the most well-respected doctors in the Delhi NCR province is also a dear friend to the doctors here. But friendship is not enough proof of somebody’s quality of work. He is friends with many other hair transplant surgeons also.

Dr S D did full research prior to him opting in for the procedure. He got to know about his requirement and what was the possibility with regards to the donor availability. Also, he wanted to understand the kind of coverage we could give him.

He was Grade 6 on the Norwood Hamilton Scale of baldness. We performed a full scalp coverage with a total of 5604 grafts; 4202 grafts extracted from his scalp donor and 1402 grafts extracted from his beard donor.

He has been regular with his PRP sessions and his medications.

Seven months after his procedure, we witnessed a growth on his scalp that can only be described as spectacular. His crown, mid-scalp and hairline have developed wonderfully.

His bond with the doctors and Eugenix has only become stronger with time and stays as beautiful as his results.