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Eugenix/2100 grafts/Immediate post Op/DHT

Mr. B T is one of those patients who are very particular about their look. Although he had a slightly receding hairline, he was keen on achieving the perfect structure. The fronto-temporal areas bothered him a lot.

He was completely sure of what he wanted and how he preferred the design. In his case, the graft requirement was lesser than usual. He received 2100 grafts for the reconstruction of his hairline region. All the donor grafts were discreetly extracted from the scalp donor only.

The transplanted hair would merge along with his natural hair in the pre-existing region behind his fronto-temporal regions. The area behind the forelock was also taken into account as it was thinning and had sufficient spacing to be transplanted.

The hairline is a crucial and look defining entity of an individual’s face. It is subtle and soft but at the same time provides the other features of the person’s face look sharp and gives the face a structure. The hairline is also different in it’s structure and extent, depending on whether the face is round, oval etc.

His procedure was carefully designed and his slits made by Dr. Pradeep Sethi. Dr. Priyadarshini Das performed the extraction. He had opted for the Comprehensive package.

For Mr. B T, the results are awaited and we wait with as much anticipation as him for the final change in his look. For the better.