Eugenix / 1530 grafts/Post-op 1 year/DHT

A long time ago, Eugenix first hired a young man with a perfect head of hair for putting up a board on the newly started clinic building. This young man would come ten years later as a patient to the same clinic he once helped design an install the board for.

The receding hairline was a cause of worry for him as he also had an impending wedding in the near future. When he came to the doctors, he was recommended 1500 grafts approximate for the procedure. A couple of conversations later, he went ahead with the transplant.

He received 1530 grafts during the procedure to be exact. The entire frontal zone was reconstructed. Dr. Arika Bansal created the exact same hairline that had been there when he had no baldness. Dr. Abhinav Kumar carried forward his extraction and furthered the procedure to its completion.

It was after a year that Mr. S K saw this tremendous growth on his scalp. The medications had brought back density and perfectly preserved his pre existing hair. The transplanted area looks like the hair was never lost. There is no trace of a procedure to be witnessed.

One of the most beautifully created hairlines, his pictures ten years ago and his pictures now would show a 0% difference in the hairline. It has been natural, dense and voluminous