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Eric at hair transplant seminar


Dear readers,

Eric Gomes has undergone multiple hair transplant procedures including strip FUHT, stitchless FUSE/fue, body and beard hair to scalp transplants to keep pace with his slowly progressing hairloss. 4000+ follicular unit grafts till present.

He was present for live interaction with public at the hair transplant seminar held on 1 Nov 2007.

Below are some video excerpts of the seminar featuring Eric.


wrong section doc…


Despite the blurriness of those photos, the hairline does not appear to me to be natural. The edge is too hard, and the hairline itself appears somewhat awkward and unnatural. It looks “created” to me.

By contrast, the Dr. Cole video on the front page of this site looks like a natural god-given hairline. But not all of his hairlines look as good.