Guys hi again,
I’ve posted this, but it vanished.

I’m interested in ordering equol in bulk, because 60 pills would last me a mere 15 days (if taken appropriate dosage), and cost way too much,
for a sustainable treatment ($35 per box + at least $20 shipping). Therefore I’m looking to team up with someone willing to create a members account @ NS, because members get 35% discount, and I believe further discounts might be possible if taken bulk. I’m looking to buy a years supply.

…and something interesting I’ve found - chinese bulk equol, said to be for “medicine” use, therefore probably usable for oral consumption? What do you guys think? Worth checking out?


I’ve got news, I found chinese manufacturer of >99% pure equol, they’re selling a kilo for $1000+ ballpark.
Is anyone interested in sharing the expenses (and goods), and/or does anyone have info on a lab that can analyse a sample?