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Epidemic of American HT Doctors Misleading Patients About "PRP/Stem Cells"


There is currently an EPIDEMIC of American hair transplant doctors making false and misleading claims about Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and “stem cell” treatments in conjunction with PRP.

The so-called “stem cells” involved are NOT hair follicle stem cells, they are not taken from the hair follicle and have nothing to do with the hair follicle. These cells have no propensity to grow new hair as they are being used.

Currently there is a huge trend – which started recently – where American HT doctors and clinics are selling a so-called “PRP/Stem Cell” treatment, implying it can regrow hair, and charging between $2500 and $4000 for this treatment.

They are making all kinds of completely false and misleading claims about this so-called “PRP/Stem Cell treatment”.

Soon I am going to make a more extensive post here debunking all this BS. I am not going to name any specific names of doctors. I am not going to provide any links of doctor’s advertisements or marketing – you can see all that all over YouTube now.

I am simply going to lay out the facts of what’s going on, and how these doctors are cheating thousands of patients for millions of dollars with a completely UNPROVEN treatment, which they actually KNOW is unproven. I am going to show the sophisticated and clever ways they present false and misleading “evidence” to manipulate prospective patients into believing that this therapy actually works.


Might be worth asking Dr. Grecco if his study of patients undergoing PRP for hair loss has yielded any clear findings - keeping in mind of course his clinic derives a profit stream from the said procedure.