Entering the bio-aesthetic arena with Intercytex

Dermal papilla (DP)cells,located at the base of the hair follicle,have been shown to have hair-
inductive properties,and when cultured DP cells are re-implanted into a patient,they have been
found to promote new hair growth.ICX-TRC,also referred to as the "hairy generation cell"by Dr
Kemp,can work via two methods -by increasing the thickness of hair follicles that are already
present,and by producing brand new follicles.To date,this has been demonstrated in animal
models.Dr Kemp described how a completed phase I study involving seven patients
demonstrated no safety issues,with five of the seven subjects showing increased hair numbers
following treatment.Delivery of these cells is crucial,with a rapid injection making the cells go to
the bottom of the dermis layer,which is useless as the cells need to locate to the keratinocytes on
the superficial surface in order to allow for follicle growth.The optimal delivery method is via a
modified version of the Hamilton syringe,which is now an approved medical device.Phase II
efficacy trials are currently ongoing with this compound,involving approximately 10 patients per
cohort.This program was designed to optimize formulation/delivery of ICX-TRC.The first cohort
has completed enrolment,with six patients being treated.Preliminary data are anticipated to be
released in the second half of 2007.

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