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Effects of finasteride (1 mg) on hair transplant


Effects of finasteride (1 mg) on hair transplant

Dermatol Surg. 2005 Oct;31(10):1268-76, discussion 1276

The improved scalp coverage achieved by hair transplant for men with androgenetic alopecia can be diminished by continued miniaturization and loss of preexisting, nontransplanted hairs.

To evaluate whether finasteride 1 mg, administered daily from 4 weeks before until 48 weeks after hair transplant, improves scalp hair and growth of nontransplanted hair in areas surrounding the transplant and to evaluate the safety and tolerability of finasteride for men undergoing hair transplant.

In this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 79 men with androgenetic alopecia (20-45 years of age) were assigned to treatment with finasteride 1 mg (n = 40) or placebo (n = 39) once daily from 4 weeks before until 48 weeks after hair transplant. Efficacy was evaluated by review of global photographs by an expert dermatologist and by macrophotography for scalp hair counts.

Treatment with finasteride resulted in significant improvements from baseline, compared with placebo, in scalp hair based on global photographic assessment (p < .01) and hair counts (p < .01) at week 48. Visible increases in superior/frontal scalp hair post-transplant were recorded for 94% and 67% of patients in the finasteride and placebo groups, respectively. Finasteride treatment was generally well tolerated.

For men with androgenetic alopecia, therapy with finasteride 1 mg daily from 4 weeks before until 48 weeks after hair transplant improves scalp hair surrounding the hair transplant and increases hair density.


This study doesn’t mention that after 5-7 years Proepcia will stop working & all the money you have spent on this drug will go to waste & more importantly,all the hairs you have held onto will drop out faster than you can imagine.The grafts that were once concealed by your natural hair will stick out & ruin your appearance.You may even bald to the point where your strip scar will become obvious.
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