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Drug That Lengthens Eyelashes



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Latanaprost, another prostaglandin analgogue for glaucoma, also leads to hypertrichosis of eyelashes. Hideo Uno tested latanaprost on stumptailed macaques and found the result to be slightly better than minoxidil. Prostaglandins are inflammatory in the dermis----so whatever the connection is thats probably how it acts. If it really tested out well for hair, Im pretty sure more topicals would include it, but dont for whatever reason.


Cosmetic Eyelash-Lengthener Seized [][/]

The FDA says U.S. marshals have seized more than 12,000 applicator tubes of Age Intervention Eyelash, a cosmetic promoted to increase eyelash growth, because of concerns it may cause eye damage.

In a press release the agency said that the product is an “adulterated cosmetic” because it contains bimatoprost (Lumigan), used to treat elevated intraocular pressure. In patients taking the prescription drug, the agency said the extra dose of bimatoprost may decrease the treatment’s effectiveness, leading to optic nerve damage. Other side effects could include macular edema and uveitis.

The cosmetic’s maker, Jan Marini Skin Research, responded that no cases of eye damage have been reported. It said it reformulated the product last year to remove bimatoprost and that “several other companies have copied [Marini’s] discontinued product and continue to market their competing products with ‘drug’ claims for eyelash growth.”


Jan Marini’s hair loss product contains spironolactone as a main ingredient. It seems that Ms. Marini likes to skirt the law. Her hair loss product costs $170.00. How’s that for taking advantage of suffering people?