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Drnigams.net /images/ directory content

You may have seen the recent thread in which people became aware that the images directory on drnigams.net was navigable. While it was still accessible, I created a full mirror of the content in this directory (4.4 GB of images with some videos, there are quite a lot of files). I am posting a download link here to this content, not as an attack on Dr Nigam, but rather in the interest of openness - so if anyone wants, they can look through the material themselves and make up their own mind.

Download link: (click on the “to download” button)

This is a multi-part .rar archive, simply download each ~1GB chunk and extract to view.

All files are unmodified with the original dates, timestamps, and file headers, so you can check them against Dr. Nigam’s claims:

'These all images were of nov/dec 2012,i never posted them,and i had clarified last year itself that they were created by an ex webdeveloper, without my knowledge.

Anyone can check through the date finder software,that these photos which arashi has posted from my server are of 2012.
Once i committed in jan 2013, that all photos which will be posted on website or forums will be first checked by me…there is no single photo which arashi can say that they are not real.’

Lol, this is internet baby… 1 mistake and all your info will be here forever in archives.

I don’t see what the fuss is about.

If Nigam wanted to fake pictures, there’s a whole lot more he could be doing to create make believe hair.

Second why does “myself” keep pumping Mwamba on here? Would “myself” happen to be Mwamba himself?

Every message he keeps babbling about Mwamba as if that guy has some standing in the baldness community. Correct me if I’m wrong but he’s just another hair transplant guy in an industry that is murky as hell.

dr Mwamba is just another HT doctor, term ‘well respected’ is thrown around a little too much, its could be that he is is good at marketing or better than some other guys. He is one who claimed 30% regeneration but he never shown any proof of that and There was patient who complained about his work and how he was treated.

Now its gonna take him more than 1.5 years to confirm if Nigams doubling is legit or not, mind you it took nigam 3 weeks to realize that it works like charm and that procedure is better than ghos hst by 20%:smiley:

Main fuss:
mr.Nigam claim many times that he cured hairloss by multiplication.
He want to replicate gho’s technic, but even gho doesnt show a good results, and mostly just an expensive fue in best case.
He always try to show to community “awesome” pictures. Which been photoshoped or he just replaced a bald person, by another hairy. Many times his lies were exposed. But he continue to swear that its not his mistake… He said that some pics stolen by his web-developer from others doctors (ye nigam stole at least one time), or he just did marks on bald zone saying that there is growing hair and making picture such blurry, that you cant understand. First time he told that its just bad camera, then he bought a good camera, but pictures were on same sh!tty level.
Then he said that he will invite specialist who will make good photos. But again lie, homemade fake with replacement of person.
You can see his last “work”, he told that time-range in before-after is 7 months, but you can check properties of files, range is 2 months only…

What exactly shows this link:
Nigams knows very well how to do perfect photos, in right angle and light. He faked his photos specialy to cover his failures, to lure naive baldies, to get easy money…

You lost your mind. Show me one link that dr Nigam mentions he has found a cure for hair loss. He clearly says he’s working towards improving his doubling and cell therapy. Since coming to this board dr Nigam worked hard towards improving his technique. And we should be thankful that we have doctors like him that are open. Regarding the quality of the pictures dr Nigam has patients that live worldwide and they can’t just come any time to India for taking pictures. Sometimes the pictures are sent by the patients and dr Nigam can’t do anything about the quality of the pictures. Be respectful to the doctor that is trying to help. Posters like you only hurt this forum instead of benefit. Trust me at the end only truth stands out. Please leave dr Nigam and this board alone for sometime.

maybe you understood my words wrong, but nigam told it indirectly. I mean he told like: if you have 100% donor regen, you can do several visits to become full head of hair.
I think here lost minds only nigam’s sectarians.
>>>worked hard towards improving his technique.
he only worked hard on next trick, every time. every single time when he posted his photo.
>>>And we should be thankful that we have doctors like him
no thx, no need charlatans.
>>>that are open.
you better ask - why Washenik or Cotsarelis is not visiting such forum?
Washenik one time answered - i won’t give false hopes. They are professionals and nigam is low graded doctor without honor.
>>>dr Nigam has patients that live worldwide
and they are very sorry, for such wasting health and money and time.
here is link, just for reading what “happy” people worldwide are thinking about nigam.

dont tell me fairy tales about competitors.
>>>can’t just come any time to India
new tale from mr.nigam? pff i guess better call him simply - nigam. Is it hard to show on HD video your head? With good brightness and flash.
>>>dr Nigam can’t do anything about the quality of the pictures.
jesus you are brainwashed. You are lured on his old trick - Failed photo? Not a problem, just say that patient did it in home on crappy camera.
>>>Be respectful to the doctor
Sorry i cant respect charlatans.
>>>trying to help.
trying to lure naive baldies.
>>>only hurt this forum instead of benefit.
lolwut? instead of you, i’m saving peoples from this low graded butcher without a soul.
>>>Trust me
you made me laught harder.
>>>only truth stands out
cant wait this moment when this “crystal castle” will shatter on thousand millions of shards…
>>>Please leave dr Nigam and this board alone for sometime.
i think who must leave among us is nigam, for long 2.5 years till mwamba tells his opinion.

I don’t recall Nigam ever having said he cured hairloss.

He did however say he’s looking for the cure.

He’s been sharing his ideas, notes and results with us here since he arrived so its annoying to see some people taking a sh&t on him.

I’d rather see all these research oriented doctors working together rather than being turned against each other by the rabble rousers.

>>>I don’t recall Nigam ever having said he cured hairloss.
seems you still need learn to read i guess.
>>>He did however say he’s looking for the cure.
Oh so promising and while looking, he is offeringwhat doesnt working.
>>>He’s been sharing his ideas,
lol’d… What idea’s he can share? I dont remember any HIS OWN IDEA.
multiplication - gho’s idea.
injecting stemcells - used worldwide
3d spheroids - jahoda’s idea
>>>people taking a sh&t on him.
why only sh!t? he is usefull when he share news from conference in may and october.
>>>I’d rather see all these research oriented doctors
and who works together? nigam…and nobody? nice team. or maybe nigam+lauster, how nigam told one time.
i havent anything agaisnt true researches, like Jahoda, Cotsarelis and Washenik.

still nobody answered abou nigam’s lie 2-7 months, but seems pointless ask community about it.

There is too much bashing of Dr. Nigam going on here. Let it go. The guy hasn’t done anything wrong. He is trying to prove his research works. I for one hope it does.

seems you still need learn to read i guess.
Oh so promising and while looking, he is offeringwhat doesnt working.[/quote]

With all due respect, you’re just rambling on and on with little substance.

It does nothing other than clog up threads with garbage.

Its not worth the time reading your replies.

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