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Dra maria asensi, microinjections dutasteride, 5 months

The treatment is an evolution of dutasteride microinjections with different protocols customized according to the patient.

The patient started the procedure once a month for 5 months (beginning of November 2018 until the end of March 2019). Protocol 1 was applied.

This technique is very effective in the first symptoms of alopecia, with great results as can be seen in the photos and video.

Then you have to continue with maintenance sessions every 3 months

Before and after photos:


Amazing result if true - I’d love to know if he had blood tests for systemic absorption and also see more cases with higher norwoods.

The results are not the same in all patients, they depend on the genotype, as demonstrated in this recent study (oral dutasteride):

https://journals.plos.org/plosone/artic … ne.0222533

Anyway we promise to hang more cases of the doctor (treatment is more effective in early stages of alopecia and not in large NW)

The half-life of dutasteride is considerably longer than finasteride and its molecules are larger, being more difficult to administer topically. But that size helps to have less systemic penetration and that is why dutasteride microinjections or microneedling are so interesting.

For more information you can contact Dr. Maria Asensi
Contact: Asensi Hair Transplant:
info@asensi-implantecapilar.com/ ✆ +34 971 28 28 28/616 123 798

Did he also have a transplant? Look closely at the hairline. Seems he did.

I know it is a very good result, but there was no surgery.

It looks like a combination of transplant and dutasteride microinjections.

How do dutasteride microinjections compare with PRP or stem cell therapy?

No response. Figures