Dr. Woods - patient Smith - 2000 BHT + FUE hair transplant

Dr Ray Woods “Smith” 2000 BHT/ FUE Grafts

“SMITH” received 1,500 Body donor hair and 500 Beard donor hair to fill damage caused by multiple strip excision surgeries.

For more info about Dr. Ray Woods and his patient results, go to
www.woodstechnique.com.au, Dr. Woods is the inventory and world pioneer of FUE and BHT hair transplant techniques.

Much Better. I am always wondering what the Heck was the Intent of the Original Doctor? They know they are leaving scars on people. I guess it is part of their game. Glad to see the improvement.

Yes it is funny how so many clinics conveniently leave out important information like if we harvest too much hair from you donor area your donor area will be bald. So you guys getting the super low hairlines with a bazillion grafts pay attention.

Ethical clinics lay all the cards out on the table. They under promise which is bad for sales but they usually over deliver which is good for the patient. But the reality is that the vast majority of clinics over promise which is good for sales but they under deliver which is bad for the patient.

It’s nice to see that this patient has found some relief and can go on living a normal life.

I agree! And Nice improvement here