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Dr Woods (and others) Beard transplant question?


Dr Woods (and others) Beard transplant question??

First of all, Dr Woods thank you very much for thinking outside of the box with BHT.

In a previous thread, it was mentioned that you extracted some beard grafts from a patient who thought they felt very course.

Were the grafts all transplanted in the same area?

Did the patient have a fairly good mixture of scalp hair prior to the beard hair transplant?

What was the difference in caliber, color and curliness between scalp and beard hair?

I know it sounds crazy, but it seems to me that a person with a fair amound of scalp and body hair could hide some beard grafts among the recipient areas as long as it wasn’t in a smallish area. The beard hair would clearly provide much needed volume and coverage for NW 6 candidates. The worst thing is that they migh be required to wear their hair shortish.



Any pictures of your progress! How are beard hair coming along?


» Any pictures of your progress! How are beard hair coming along?

I forgot to take pictures recently at the 6 month mark. I’m actually just about at the 7 month mark now. Not appreciably better progress at this point than at just before the 4 month mark (some hairs are longer). I think I recently shed a lot of hair that starting growing from the start this time. My scalp got a lot of sun on vacation so it’d be best to wait until that fades somewhat.

As for beard hair, they were all transplanted into the scar. They seem to be growing well and I don’t think they would be a problem on top of my scalp which is one reason I posed these questions. They are not readily identifiable unless I seriously part my hair at the scar and even then I’m sort of forced to make assumptions. There is a big disparity in caliber between my scalp and beard hair via pictures. Probably not nearly as noticeable without the magnification.

I’m seriously thinking about adding 1,000 or so beard hair to balding areas on top this time. I think that would make a huge difference in fullness. That would be about 5+ FU’s per sq cm (assuming 200 sq cm of baldness NW6, is that correct?). The caliber would make it more like 7.5-10 FU’s per sq cm. I believe I have enough hair up top (scalp and body hair) to mingle in and be able to pull it off.

Worst case scenario is I’d be forced to keep my hair short which I’m strongly considering anyway. Like I said, I just got back from the beach where the constant wind blowing really makes a short hair cut a good choice.