Dr. Wong FUE hair transpant - norwood 6 - 3801 grafts - id1926

Hasson & Wong FUE hair transplant, Vancouver Canada.

Patient ID 1926

Dr. Jerry Wong’s patient.
FUE technique
Norwood class 6 - extensive baldness
3801 grafts
8.5 months post op.

Hair restoration for patients with extensive baldness is always a big challenge. For Norwood class 6 patients, it is important to manage your expectations as to what kind of results you may expect from hair transplants.

Here is an example of the kind of results a Norwood class 6 patient may expect if the procedure is only with a mere 3801 grafts, which is very small for a Norwood 6 patient. It is expected that the patient may return for a 2nd procedure. The important thing to note is that even with just 1 procedure, the results can stand on its own. Even if the patient decides not to return for a 2nd procedure, his hair still looks natural.

A .85 mm size punch was used for the donor extraction. It is reported that the transection rate for the procedure is approx 2% which reflects the high quality of the donor harvesting process at Hasson & Wong hair clinic.

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