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Dr. Wong 9010 grafts/ 2 Sessions/ FUT/ 2 years post op


This patient from Seattle came to see Dr. Wong for his first procedure when he was in his mid 30’s. 5864 grafts were placed front to back. The first surgery provided a remarkable transformation and the patient was very happy.

He decided 3 years later to have a 2nd procedure of 3146 to increase density throughout the entire area. This result is approximately 5 years post op from his 1st and 2 years post op from his 2nd.

Total graft count from both surgeries: 9010. He has taken Proscar since before the first surgery.

1st surgery breakdown: 5864 fu total, 1141 - 1’s, 3487 - 2’s, 1236 - 3-4’s.

2nd surgery: 3146 fu, 809 - 1’s, 1975 - 2’s, 362 - 3-4’s.

His hair texture/caliber is average.

There is also video of this patient at the end of the photos.