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Dr Umar patient - Six month update


» » that’s an improvement no doubt but I still think strip results tend to
» give
» » better density. If you look at Muscleboy and Ninjaxan’s pics, they
» both
» » had about 3000-4000 grafts and their results are amazing.
» Reiner, just out of curiosity, in what way does the extraction procedure
» affect the actual ‘packing’ of the hairs? (Genuine question; not being
» cynical. Honestly didn’t think there was a difference?)
» I always thought that whether the hairs were taken off in one big strip,
» or removed singularly, a la FUE, the replacement of the grafts into your
» scalp was the same procedure? ie dependent on the doctors tools and skills
» etc
» How does a strip procedure give you a denser hairline packing?
» Thanks.
» H f H

I know, there shouldn’t be a difference but in reality the difference is night and day. The fue pics never seem to measure up to strip pics. I can’t explain why.


» » Thank you very much for the compliments.
» » I’m hoping that longer hair with a “hairline” will suit me as well, but
» if
» » it doesn’t, at least I know I can fall back on the shaved look.
» » A person who knows that I’ve had the transplant done said to me
» recently
» » “what’s the point in having a transplant if you’re gonna shave your
» head
» » all the time?”.
» » People who aren’t going bald just don’t get it, do they?
» » They don’t understand about how a hairline, even a stubble-only one,
» » frames your face and makes you look younger!?
» »
» » All the best
» »
» » H f H
» Exactly. How could they understand if they have never encountered it?
» Ignorance is bliss, as they say. The hairline and the temple points make
» a dramatic change to the overall appearance just by framing the face. Our
» eyes register these things and our brains make first impressions
» automatically. It is only when we begin to analyze the art of nature that
» we discover the impact of these details.
» Well, now you’ve got me curious. You’re just going to have to grow your
» hair out longer with your new hairline and post pictures of that look as
» well. :slight_smile: Congrats to you again!

Will do! :smiley:
Take care.

H f H