"Dr Umar did not restore my hair, he restored my life" - 6500 grafts FUE and BHT using DrUGraft Revolution


BEFORE: This patient’s hair loss journey (he’s NW6) began while he was still in high school. Beginning at the age of 19 he underwent several strip and FUE surgeries over several years that attempted to use only head donor for his significant hair recession. The result was a very depleted head donor supply, significant baldness, unnatural hair pattern, strip-FUE scars, and a feeling of demoralization and a loss of hope. That is, until he saw Dr Umar.





THE PROCEDURE: The patient having limited head donor hair to spare, Dr Umar performed Advanced FUE/BHT Hair Surgery Repair utilizing body, beard, nape and head donor hair which were extracted using the DrUGraft Revolution device coupled with the DrUPunch Rotor.
Graft Breakdown: Beard: 3150/Head: 1550/Nape: 1300/Chest 500


Needless to say, the patient is very happy with his result from Dr Umar:

You can read more about this patient’s very successful hair transplant repair case:

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I am curious , before he had this repair (good job btw), whether he did anything to cover those scars when he went to work or out in public?

Thanks for the kind words. He just kept his hair long on the back and sides to cover it.

Hi Tsla,

I am the individual who this thread is about, and I would be more than happy to answer your question. Thank you for the kind words as well.

As Dr. Umar mentioned, I kept my hair very long both on the back, as well as the sides to conceal my situation. Moreover, regarding the hair before my surgery with Dr. Umar, I used to literally inundate my head with toppik, and a few other concealers before I went to work, or out of the house for that matter. It is such a great and rewarding feeling not having to use concealers any longer.

I have also created a blog documenting my hair loss experience since the age of 18, and there are some more updated photos within it.

I hope my experience can help others in the same situation.


All the best.

It would be very helpful if you also post the name of the doctor who gave him those scars, seeing good result is one thing but knowing which doctor to avoid is just as important.

You can contact Dr. Umar’s clinic or the patient directly about this. Every doctor or clinic has at least 1 patient who claims to be unhappy for some reason, whether justified or not. It is not the mandate of this forum to engage in discussions of this nature.

Thank you.

@Hairhope4ever I am shocked, according to your blog some doctor gave you a strip surgery when you were only 19 ??? Is the doctor still in business today?

Hi Xbox,

Great question, and thanks for looking at my story. Unfortunately the answer to your question is a yes. My insecurity was prayed upon, and I made a decision I regret. Thank goodness for Dr. Umar.

All the best to you.

I can totally relate to that, I have been living with a strip scar for 10 years now, such an unpleasant experience every time I go to my barber and have to remind him (in front of other people) to keep the back of my head long in order to hide the scar.

I should consider myself lucky as mine is nothing compared to what you had to go through. One of these days I am going to get my scar fixed. Time and again beard grafts seem to be the answer for repairs.

Congrats for finally able to have your life back !!! ENJOY

Hi Stitchmeup,

Thank you for the comment. It is always a little consoling knowing there are others who have gone through the same issues and/or experiences as you. Moreover, I feel like I want to help those that have experienced what I have experienced, and prevent future patients from making the wrong decision so that they don’t have to experience what you and I have.

Without beard and body grafts my situation certainly would not be able to get rectified. However, it’s important that you choose the best suited doctor for that procedure, which is why I mentioned that my experience with Doctor Umar can not be monitized. You can’t put a price on mental well being, and not having to “hide” my unsuccessful procedures from the past.

Glad you finally found the help you need. But to be fair, your strip scar was bad at all, I have seen people with much wider strip scars.

@Hairhope4ever at least the previous surgeries did not leave you a massive amount of scars otherwise it would have been a lot more difficult for you to get good yield with the repair.

Are you planning to add more density in the near future or are you pleased with what you have now?

Hi Norwood 3,

Thanks for the great question. The scar variable is a good point. However, what gravitated me towards Dr. Umar is the results i saw from really badly scared patients. He restored patients that were on the verge of being disfigured, and that’s what really made me book a procedure with him.

I am definitely content with my appearance at the moment. My hair is thickening all the way up until the 18th month as Dr. Umar said it would. I do plan on having a smaller procedure in 3 months to add a little more density.

My biggest regret is not having Dr. Umar as my only surgeon. It would have saved my head donor, and I wouldn’t have incurred the psychological and aesthetic anguish I did. I would do anything to be able to go back in time and solely work with him.

Hope this helps my friend.


I had doc give me one at 20. He have his sales associate advertise and hand out brochures on college campus. This was 1999.

If you had just fue scars and wanted to shave your head short would bht be a good option to regain donor area density?