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Dr.UGraft ™ for Facial Hair Restoration in All Hair Types


Facial hair loss has always been one of the classical challenges facing hair surgeons that practice follicular unit extraction. Limited greatly by FUE tools of the past, practitioners were often unable to effectively collect donor hair grafts from areas of the body other than the head. This was especially the case for patients of color with curly, natural hair textures, particularly those with a curl pattern characteristic of African hair.

Dr. U’s solution? An FUE punch that intuitively guides the operator around unpredictably curly hair. This not only benefits natural hair types with an African hair texture. Body hair of all ethnicities also falls under this category. How is this relevant to facial hair transplant surgery? BHT body hair transplant surgery renders final results that are ultimately much more natural-looking and subtle than facial hair loss treatment making use of donor grafts from the head alone.

The Dr.UPunch i ™ features a revolutionary flared tip and expanded inner chamber, making the excision of kinky hair and body hair possible for every type of patient. The Dr. U Hair Clinic in Redondo Beach is proud to release this short video showcasing the features that make the Dr.UPunch i ™so unique; it’s the first in a series of infographics explaining how the Dr.UGraft ™ FUE system stands to benefit both practitioner and patient.