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Dr Tsuji discovers new hair growth "component"

I think Dr. Tsuji is now entering " Cotsarelis stage", whereupon he will now keep discovering magic substances, proteins, enzymes and similar just to keep it afloat.

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Cotsarelis received all kinds of media attention, but produced nothing to help the general public.

Yes I am totally agree with the Otter that Dr. Tsuji discovering now magic substance for hair growth , it would be very nice…

I’m happy for Tsuji and his discovery but it aint gonna do us much good. Whatever that discovery is there’s no way it gets into the marketplace for at least 10 years. He needs to focus on his cloning procedure. He needs to get his cloning tech into the marketplace asap if it works. If it doesn’t work he needs to find out why (probably inductivity issues) and solve that problem so he can get the treatment into the marketplace.

All these “discoveries” and we still don’t have a solution… smh

Same ole same ole just a different day! It is just too complicated and they hit too many road blocks. Testing on mice when they need to be testing on humans. It not only hair loss that faces the challenges, it is whole industry. They can make anything work on a mice, but we my friend are not mice!

Which begs the eternal question of why wont these researchers finally decide to take the best course of action to test on humans as I echo your words thats we’re not mice? The missing link is in this whole equation is human evaluation for without that factor no one will know for sure if indeed this will work on the target audience. Mice dont suffer from baldness… helllo!!!

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