Dr.Thomas Barnes\' PRP Hair Growth

Video of the doc pumping the PRP goodies into a female patient.

These doctors love to introduce PRP, because it’s very easy to do, most of them have all the equipment in their clinics and don’t have to buy anything… so it’s ZERO investment for them, but a great prop and gimmick to get new patients coming through their doors.

WHY promote this BS and encourage these doctors peddling this phony “cure”?

PRP is not a real cure, and will not help anyone grow cosmetically useful amounts of hair.

PRP is just a concentrated form of your own blood plasma, and if it’s injected into your scalp, whatever benefits it may have on your tissues will only be present for a few hours.

It is VERY rapidly diluted into your existing bloodstream and the high concentration of platelets dissipates away into an average concentration within just a few hours.

Even if it were PROVEN that increased concentration of platelets could stimulate new hair growth, that high concentration would have to be present CONTINUOUSLY for many months to have a real effect. That means you would have to have injections all over your scalp every single day for at least 6 months just to see very minimal new hair growth – something like using Rogaine.

Anything less than that kind of frequency of application and you will not see anything.

And that is assuming it has any kind of positive effect at all.

But in reality… STIMULATION OF HAIR GROWTH BY PLATELETS HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN, and there is ZERO data on this. These doctors are offering the flimsiest of gimmicks just to get YOUR money!!!

This idea is only based on a THEORY that Dr. Hitzig had, a kind of spin-off from the idea of using Acell.

First someone suggested using Acell to better close strip incisions and grow a little hair at the edge of the incisions so the wound heals cleaner and without scar tissue.

Then Hitzig riffed on that and thought, “If Acell helps heal wounds better and results in less hairless scar tissue along wounds, what if I just inject Acell into people’s scalps even when there is no wound? Maybe that will grow hair!”

Then he started doing it and gave SUBJECTIVE, PHONY interpretations of before and after pictures, claiming there was new hair growth without any kind of scientifically-controlled experiments and without any kind of objective hair counts.

Meanwhile, he did the same thing with Acell+PRP. I guess he was thinking, “If Acell promotes better healing and maybe stimulates hair growth, what other natural things in the body may have the same effect?” And, being a doctor with some knowledge, he thought of PLATELETS, which are part of the body’s natural wound healing and clotting mechanism.

Although it has NEVER EVER been even remotely proven that high concentrations of platelets do anything to promote hair growth.

So Hitzig started injecting PRP into people’s scalps, too – and gave us the same subjective, phony interpretations of his before-and-after photos. Same dog-and-pony show!

Why haven’t people seen this? Why are people so gullible to believe everything and anything a man in a white lab coat tells them?

I am not spitefully attacking Dr. Hitzig here… He is an intelligent man. I’m sure he has done some good conventional HT work.

But this “cure” is a sham. It’s like the story of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”… everyone “sees” the clothes. Everyone “sees” the new hair on the photos, if you ignore the changes in lighting, hair length, camera angles, etc.!

But no one can really say where the “new hair” is!!

GET OVER IT, people!!!