Dr. Sanusi Umar and the Dr.UGraft™ Advantage

Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) hair restoration is certainly one option that appeals to many. FUE technology of the past limited the types of individuals suitable for treatment greatly, eliminating patients with depleted reserves of potential scalp grafts as well as some patients of color with curly, Afro-textured hair from the pool. While some would be able to achieve adequate results, for most, the outcomes would be hit-or-miss at best. A precursory hair test would often eliminate the option for patients with especially textured hair from eligibility entirely.

For patients like these, the practitioner would generally need to use a non-rotary FUE punch. The Dr.UGraft™ all-in-one suite of FUE tools, however, is mechanically-driven and optimized for all types of hair. After years of experimentation, he is finally bringing the latest version of his invention to the public. Dr.UGraft™ makes FUE possible for every type of patient seeking a hair loss cure regardless of hair texture or graft donor area.

On our website is this article with all of the relevant details. This video serves as an excellent introduction to Dr.UGraft™ as a whole.