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Dr. Robert M. Bernstein / Ludwig Class 2 / One Session / 694 Follicula Grafts


Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration is a woman with a Ludwig Class 2 pattern of hair loss. She has salt and pepper, medium fine hair and a donor density of 1.8. Results after one hair restoration procedure of 694 follicular unit grafts.

Before / After:

Before Hair Transplant

After Hair Transplant

Detail of Hairline

Note that the hair transplant maintained the exact position of the patients original hairline. The procedure was used to create additional density. A second session is planned.

Before Hair Transplant

Position of Hairline

After 1st Hair Transplant Session


This is not Ludwig Class 2.


Correct, that the patient is a female does not mean that her case automatically falls under ludwig scale. She looks more like a Norwood 2/3 to me with no apparent diffuse thinning.