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Dr. Robert Jones - 6000 FUE, 4 months


All photos provided by Dr. Robert Jones, Toronto, Canada.

4 months post op after 2nd session.
6000 FUE hair transplant.
2nd session mostly for crown area.


AFTER - 4 months post op

Dr. Jones offers FUE, body hair transplant, strip scars repair, SMP as well as eyebrow and eyelash restoration. To arrange a free consultation, email info@drrobertjones.com or call 877-789-4247 (US and Canada).


Looks good but where are the before pics?


without the before pics these ones are useless


Sorry about that. BEFORE pics now included in the post.


7 months post op, video provided by and posted on behalf of Dr. Robert Jones, Toronto, Canada
www.drrobertjones.com or email info@drrobertjones.com


I dont remember seeing a mega FUE session with 6000 grafts before, it is almost impossible for most people.


I like how the hair is brushed forward to create a “fake” hairline, good strategy as it saves a lot of grafts and still able to frame his face reasonably well.


This patient was in my office a short time ago and I took these pictures, with the patients hair back,
Dr. Jones


new updates for this patient.
10 months after 2nd procedure.


7 months video update provided by Dr. Jones’c clinic.