Dr Reddy FUE results on Gladiator ACE - Norwood 4, 979 grafts

37 year old gentleman, came to us with a Norwood 4 hair loss pattern. He was referred by a friend of his who had undergone a procedure with Dr Reddy. He was qualified by Dr Reddy for FUE. Being an eminent TV personality (Warren has played the role of Gladiator ACE), his primary concern was that of a natural appearance.

Dr Reddy and his team placed 979 grafts in one session. He is on Propecia as a maintenance therapy.

Attached are the pics before & after.



Unbelievable! 979 grafts?

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by NeverAgain[/postedby]
Unbelievable! 979 grafts?[/quote]

Yes, that’s correct

there is certainly some good work coming from your clinic, i don’t think the artistic skills are at par with the like of Armani and Rahal but i am most impressed with the yield.

Really a huge differnce after the treatment