Dr Ray Woods "Zeke" Repair with 1000 FUE Grafts (Before & After)

Patient had 3,500 FUE grafts with another clinic with poor results, yeild and angulation.

Repaired by Dr Ray Woods with 1000 FUE Grafts.

Working progress with Temporal points to be repaired at later date.

Zeke before and after video

Fantastic result Dr Woods, he would be very happy with that…

Forgive me for saying this but if he grew his existing hair a bit longer he could probably get enough coverage without another hair transplant.

@Dr_Woods if you extract the plugs and then redistribute the grafts, will the grafts survive? It’s like transplanting the same donor follicles twice.

I believe this is possible and quite common for plug repair procedures. I will let Dr Woods confirm this.

If you look closely , the transplanted hair is roughly the same length, but are angled in strange and conflicting ways…growing longer only made it more obvious and worse.
That is why the patient insisted on having them all removed, but I convinced him I could disguise them with correct placement. And that is what happened

Dr Woods

If you extract bad plugs and try to reinsert, the transection rate is very high, due to scar tissue

Rarely, it works well, as it did when I removed Zekes temporal point hair last week. I managed to regraft successfully. That video should be up in a few weeks showing micro skin grafting to those regions

Dr Woods

This is exactly the mentality that creates combovers. People losing their hair think that if they grew their existing hair a bit longer than nobody would notice.