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Dr Ray Woods "NEO" 1,500 FUE Before & After


“Neo” received 1,500 Donor via FUE. Before and After footage, shown side by side for comparison.


Excellent technique, but minimal coverage. This really shows the limits of hair transplantation. You can have the best surgeon in the world (Dr. Woods) but you’ll still look balding.

Besides, doesn’t this post belong on the HT forum? What is wrong with the forums lately, even when I click on the Hair Multiplication forum, it still defaults to “all categories” and then I have to select HM and Stem Cells AGAIN on the drop-down menu. I suspect that’s what happened to Dr. Woods.


A full head of hair is impossible in most cases.

But it is incredible how a little more hair in the right place boosts confidence, makes you look and feel better, and gets you more action.

Now there are plenty of bald guys who dont miss hair at all and get all the action the want…

But as humans , we covert things. We all look at beautiful women, ferraris, lambos, houses, money, roloex’s, great jobs, good health, great abs, great wives and great kids etc.

The moment we stop wanting what we dont have, including hair, we have achieved the perfect unity with nature and “god”.

If roger achieved that state of “being” he should apply for tax free status and form a religion based on not wanting an improvement in appearance, no matter how great or trivial

It was 1500 grafts , creating a hairline , infilled some bald patches…thats it

But he loves it , feels better, and has noted many things in his life have improved.

Now, it shouldnt be like that. Its superficial, its cosmetic, and it isnt what really matters…jesus, mohammed , buddah and moses etc would agree.

But for 99% of mere mortals it is like that, and it has always been like that.

I fall into that group, and I am sure roger needs some upgrading in some aspect of his life, no matter how big or small.

Dr Ray Woods


Dr. Woods, you have already done some major pioneering work in developing better hair transplant techniques. Do you have any interest in taking this a step further by pursuing stem cell research and cell-based hair transplants? Are you able to get a permit to perform such research or clinical work in Australia?

What do you think of the recent research (2013) by Drs. Christiano and Jahoda in dermal papilla cell cultures, and the recent discoveries by Dr. Xu (January 28, 2014, University of Pennsyvlania) concerning hair follicle stem cells? What is your opinion of Dr. Nigam’s work in the field of cell-based hair regeneration?