Dr Rahal Results - 3133 Grafts FUE

A lot of patients are requesting FUE and this includes many who require a relatively high number of grafts to achieve their goals. Dr Rahal is able to perform FUE procedures in the range of 3000 grafts in a single day.

This is one such patient.

He received 3133 grafts to restore his hairline and frontal zone.

Total hair count: 6966

Note: the after photos were supplied by the patient.

Fantastic results.

Dr. Rahal, you should move your clinic to Toronto. Theres more people and business here.

He doesnt have to move anywhere when your a top notch doctor people will come to you no matter where you are!
And anyways its much cheaper running a clinic in ottawa than toronto which in turn gives cheaper Hts for patients.

This is my opinion, you cannot safely extract 3,000 grafts from the scalp in one day by FUE.

Fordham, out of curiosity, what is the difference, whether removing 3000 in 1 day or over several days assuming there is enough in the donor for 3000?

The difference is time. Each follicle must be removed carefully so that it is not damaged, nor is the donor area damaged. It’s not a race to the finish. Think about it, how quickly would someone need to work to remove 3,000 grafts in one day, and then place them in the recipient area.

Not all patients are suitable for an FUE procedure of this size. It all depends on their donor density and the ease of extraction. For some patients the grafts are simply easier to extract than others, allowing for larger sessions to be performed safely.

It would be nice to be in Toronto, but Toronto isn’t far away and a large proportion of patients are from the Toronto area. Spare a thought for those travelling from Australia to come to Dr Rahal. :slight_smile:

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by fordham[/postedby]
This is my opinion, you cannot safely extract 3,000 grafts from the scalp in one day by FUE.[/quote] you would be wrong! its been done hundreds of if not thousands of times before with zero issues. not all FUE surgeons are created alike.