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Dr. Rahal, 3721 graft FUE on a Norwood 4, 3 years post-op


Dr. Rahal / Norwood 4 / 3721 Graft FUE / 3 Years Post-Op

This 30 year old patient came to us as Norwood 4 with severe balding in the crown. He had two Rahal FUE procedures with us. First he wanted his crown restored; the first procedure for 2107 grafts (115 1’s, 987 2’s, 1003 3’s, and 2 4’s) treated his crown.

Several months later, he got his 2nd Rahal FUE treatment for 1614 grafts (525 1’s, 893 2’s, 190 3’s, and 6 4’s) to restore his frontal hairline.

The results you see here show the progress he’s made over three years.


Due to a minor error, we left out his crown’s before photo:


Is Jotronic still working there? Just read another forum where they say he quit.