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Dr Rahal- 1947 graft FUE- 1 day post-op

This 27 year old male patient came to Dr. Rahal from the United States and recently underwent a 1947 graft procedure via FUE. In total, 3872 hairs were transplanted into his hairline. The breakdown of grafts is as follows:

647 1s
699 2s
577 3s
24 4s

The density transplanted into this patients hairline was 63 grafts per cm2. The patient had stabilized his loss with medication prior to having his restoration. He has been on Propecia for almost 3 full years, and on Rogaine for the past 6 months. The patient requested that we share these pictures on his behalf, and we hope to showcase what a high density hairline design will look like when it begins to grow.

The patient is just very recently post-op from his procedure, so these photos are pre-op photos, and photos of the patient just one day after surgery. We wanted to share the hairline design with the forum. I will be posting updates to this thread to document his progress throughout the journey, so look forward to more photos to follow soon. Dr. Rahal anticipates that this patient will have a fantastic result, and is looking forward to sharing the result with the community here.

As always, please feel free to share any questions, comments, or feedback!



Too early for an HT. He will have hair island in short and will be forced to receive more surgery in the future.

Bad decision.

Where is Dr. Rahal located?

Rahal is in Canada, I think he worked for Armani a long time ago so you can still see signs of the Armani style in some of his hairlines.

Rahal is in ottawa canada

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