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Dr. Nigam if the Indian govt passes laws against stem cell activity


Hello, can you tell me the name of this group in Miami/Cancun? I have been following this board for almost a year. The only problem with Dr. Nigam is that he is just too far for me, I am not prepared to make a trip to India just yet.

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by cody1212[/postedby]
He could easily partner or license the science to other dr.'s…there is a group out of miami that has offices in cancun that is doing similar cell therapy and they offer much more services in mexico. They already have a state of the art lab and medical clinic in mexico, he could work directly with them. I have presented and tried introducing both parties, it would work out well for both sides and bring the science to the western world where there is a ton of money and potential clients to work on and evolve the science.[/quote]