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Dr. Nigam I advise you to ignore posts by some of the posters here


Dr. Nigam I would stop reading posts by the following posters:





I will add more names to the list as time goes on. These posters are a waste of time and they will attack, and attack, and attack. They have no respect for the fact that you are already putting a lot of time and resources into treating hair loss. They just want to burden you with more and more responsibilities and expenses but they themselves will not chip in or assume any of the responsibilities. I think you should ignore any post by them from now on and like I said I will add more names to the list as I identify more posters who attack you.



you need to see psychiatrist asap, you have sum serious mental issues

people like yourself make ironman look like a normal person


Coming from someone like you this is a compliment.

Dr. Nigam should ignore you. You are a peanut-gallery fruitcake punk.