Dr Mwamba +My WHTC -3141 grafts FIT shaven 6 months post op

This young patient had a previous surgery in another clinic (3000 grafts by the FUE technique).He walked in our consultation room with pluggy look hairs, low density coverage and unnatural hair angulation in frontal zone. We could also observe some thinning on top and vertex which announces future loss in those areas.
The donor area looked someway thin with some patchy spots of lower density.
His goal was to build his frontal zone.

Our first concern was his donor area .A bad donor area would disqualify him for the surgery .Fortunately he had a density of 100 Fu/cm2 with medium fine, dark brown, slight wavy hairs.
In the Norwood scale, he was at level 3Vertex moving toward a NW5 .He was on finasteride (for the last 9 months) and minoxidil (for the last 6 months).

Our plan was to recreate a new hair line in front of the old one without going to low .We were pleased his existing hair line was at 8.5 cm from the eyebrow which gave us enough room to build a decent, conservative hair line at 7.5 cm.
We grafted the hair line at 40 to 50 Fu/cm2 ( because a high density in the micro scarring area could yield a poor growth ).In the frontal area and central top , we kept a density of 30 Fu/cm2 and in the temples 35 Fu/cm2 .The entire procedure was carried out in 3 consecutive days as outlined below :the pattern we followed ( from back to front and from the center to the sides ) take into account the nerves anatomy to lower any discomfort in the following days .

The patient sent us his 3 months and 6 months results as illustrated below.

We even up the donor look

His hair line looks natural with a decent coverage for 6 months.

We will now present a summary of before and after with dry and wet pictures.
Dry pictures

Wet pictures