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Dr Koray Erdogan, ASMED Clinic - Info about the Clinic, prices and services

Dr Koray Erdogan

ISTANBUL, TURKEY. Kucukbakkalkoy Mah. Atilla Ilhan Cad. No: 29 ATASEHIR


Main: +90 216 464 1111

United States: (+1) 8454612049
United Kingdom: (+44) 2035191146

We will answer from our Clinic in Istanbul. Number operative during office hours and 24h for urgencies.

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/asmedsacekim

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WEBSITE: ASMED Hair Transplant FUE - ASMED Main Website

E-MAIL ADDRESS: hairsite@asmed.com.tr


  • More than a ten-year experience, with thousands of follicular hair transplantations realized for patients of every ethnic group, age, sex and personal features (if compatible with the operation).

  • Specializing in FUE Technique, used in an exclusive procedure during our operations. We our proud of being among the worldwide most experienced clinics about FUE.

  • Exclusive utilization of the MANUAL PUNCH for FUE extractions, created and checked according to Dr Koray Erdoğan’s project (*See ‘TECHNICAL INFORMATION’).

  • Close partnership with worldwide most important and renowned FUE clinics.

  • DES “One Step” EXTRACTION TECHNIQUE: creation and utilization of an innovative FUE extraction technique, extremely appreciated by most renowned experts in the field. The technique has been shown worldwide during the past workshop which took place in Madrid in May 2013. These are Dr Jos? Lorenzo’s comments about our new technique, Dr Lorenzo being a top-level expert and having a reputation of utmost importance with whom we are proud to collaborate.

NOVEMBER 2012: “Dr Lorenzo visits Dr Koray Erdoğan’s ASMED Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Erdoğan and his assistant Dilek are recognized as a worldwide hair transplantation top-team, and they developed one of the most refined, proficient and efficient extraction techniques existing nowadays. I thank them for the invitation and their whole team for their kindness during my staying at the clinic. Dr Koray will be faculty teacher during next “2nd Mediterranean FUE Workshop” which will take place in Madrid, next May” (Injerto Capilar)

  • Extracting and grafting up to 4500 grafts FUE, during two consecutively operation days, with the exclusive utilization of the MANUAL PUNCH.

  • Donor area planned management with the goal of optimizing the total number of FUE extracted grafts.

  • Exclusive utilization of the refined “Lateral Slit” incision technique in order to achieve the maximum naturalness of the result and the minimum trauma for our patients’ skin (*See ‘TECHNICAL INFORMATION’).

  • Operation planning and hairline designing customized based on the profile of each patient, realized through laser technology utilization.

  • Huge documentation about our works available on the Web.

  • Patients’ personal assistance and care: before, during and after the operation, thanks to our numerous and multilingual staff.




In our Clinic we exclusively use the Manual Punch to extract the follicular units from the patient’s donor area. This instrument is mainly composed by two parts, that is a metal handle to which is applied a cylindrical blade, empty in its central part, with a diameter of less than 1 mm. Compared to electric extraction tools (“micromotor”), the manual punch allows a better sensibility for the operator and a minor trauma during follicular unit extraction. This is focused to obtain FUE grafts of a better quality and, consequently, more satisfying results for a wider number of patients.

A Motorized Punch is also a tool used to extract follicular units from the patient’s donor area, composed by a cylindrical blade empty in its central part. In this case the “punch” is not applied to a manual handle, but to a small electric motor that is activated by a button or pedal.
Benefits related to this kind of tool are: a minor experience and manual skills are required for its use and a superior extraction speed for an inexpert operator. However, its use entails a greater trauma for the extracted graft, for the skin and for patient’s donor area. Moreover, with the motorized punch it is impossible to make an efficient use of the donor area, therefore patients with extended baldness will not have sufficient, available resources to obtain an ideal result. Again, doubts have been raised about the hygiene of this tool, which is inclined to scatter a nebulization of patient’s blood.


“Lateral Slit” is the incision technique used in every our surgery. During this procedure, the incision is performed using the blade with a 90-degree angle over the coronal level, that is an imaginary line which “connects” patient’s lateral sides of the head. Operating this way, incisions look like small pockets in which follicular units will be inserted during the next phase of the surgery. Trauma is minimum and patient’s skin perfectly covers the follicular unit. It is also possible to set easily the correct exit direction of the hair.

The “Sagittal Slit” term refers to another incision technique, which is NOT used in our operations. In this case the blade is used with a 35-45 degree angle over patient’s sagittal level (an imaginary line between the forehead and the backside part of the head). The following phase, implantation, turns out to be easier for the operator; however, skin trauma is greater. Therefore, there is the creation of a greater quantity of scar tissue, with negative consequences regarding the result of the operation. The covering of transplanted grafts isn’t optimal as in the Lateral Slit, and it turns also out to be less efficient in creating a correct exit direction of the hair from the skin.


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